The main objective of Biz4Fun is to increase the competitiveness of young, mostly unexperienced people, on the job market in partners‘ countries. Young people usually have many various ideas, but it is very difficult to realize those projects due to lack of courage, funds or capacities...

Biz4Fun Course curriculum and learning scenarios

The designed curriculum is based on the study and analysis of best practices in the development of technology incubators and successful entrepreneurial activities.

Courses content and open educational resources (OER)

The OERs will guide young practitioners for the learning topics and skills most needed to establish and manage a business company.

3D Virtual World and social game

3D Virtual World hosts OER and The game will be elaborated with using the knowledge of the succesful startupers and with utilisation of the developed OERs. The concept of the game is based on the real start-up company. The learner/avatar will be able to establish a start-up company and manage it from the beginning. The game has a few levels and, in order to pass to the higher level, it demands to fullfill specific tasks and activities.